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Top Online Stores for Buying LEGO Sets in the UK

In the vibrant world of LEGO enthusiasts in the UK, finding the right online store to fulfill your LEGO dreams is crucial. From exclusive sets to competitive pricing, the following online stores stand out as top destinations for LEGO fans across the country.

1. Amazon UK

Amazon UK is a go-to platform for LEGO sets, offering a vast selection from current releases to rare and discontinued models. Prime members enjoy fast delivery and occasional discounts, making it a favorite among LEGO shoppers.

2. LEGO Shop UK

The official LEGO Shop UK website is where Buy Lego Sets fans can find the widest range of LEGO sets, including exclusive releases and hard-to-find items. Benefits like VIP rewards and early access to new sets make shopping here rewarding for collectors.

3. Smyths Toys Superstores

Smyths Toys Superstores is a well-known retailer that stocks LEGO sets both online and in-store. They frequently offer promotions and discounts on popular LEGO themes, catering to both children and adult collectors.

4. eBay UK

eBay UK is a treasure trove for LEGO enthusiasts seeking rare and vintage sets. From retired LEGO lines to unique pieces, eBay’s auction format allows buyers to snag deals or find that elusive collectible LEGO set.

5. John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners offers a curated selection of LEGO sets, focusing on popular themes and seasonal releases. Their reliable service and occasional sales events make them a trusted choice for LEGO shoppers.

6. The LEGO Store on BrickLink

BrickLink’s LEGO Store is renowned for its vast inventory of LEGO sets, parts, and accessories from sellers worldwide. It’s an ideal marketplace for finding specific pieces or completing your collection with rare items.

7. Hamleys

As one of the oldest and most iconic toy stores in the UK, Hamleys stocks a variety of LEGO sets alongside other toys. Their central London location and online store provide accessibility to LEGO enthusiasts nationwide.

8. Zavvi

Zavvi offers a unique selection of LEGO sets, often featuring exclusive bundles or limited-time promotions. It’s a great alternative for collectors looking for themed sets and special editions.

9. IWOOT (I Want One of Those)

IWOOT caters to LEGO fans with a diverse range of sets, including licensed themes and novelty items. Their regular sales and gift options make them a fun destination for both gifting and personal purchases.

10. Very

Very is known for its comprehensive catalogue that includes LEGO sets for all ages and interests. They frequently update their inventory with new releases and offer flexible payment options for larger purchases.


These top online stores offer LEGO enthusiasts in the UK a variety of options to explore and expand their collections. Whether you’re looking for the latest LEGO Star Wars set or hunting down a rare LEGO Technic model, these platforms provide convenience, reliability, and the thrill of discovering new additions to your LEGO world.